Using Goals and Challenges to Change Health Behavior

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Digital health technologies are exploding, with thousands of health applications already on the market and dozens of additional opportunities to enter the market emerging every day. Digital applications built specifically to help people enact health-based behavior change, have become especially popular, as they promise to help consumers preventatively track health and activity, lose weight, and even improve focus.

One of the key questions product managers and designers building these kinds of wellness applications is: How can I use goal setting to help people actually change their behaviors? Or in other words, How can I make this thing actually work? Focusing on the evidence based psychological principles behind goal setting, we’ve extracted the guiding principles behind successfully designed digital health and wellness applications.

At Medullan, we've identified 6 Guiding Principles of Effective Behavior Change


To learn more, download our free white paper on the topic Using Goals and Challenges to Change Health Behavior

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Rob Gifford
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