Pioneering Personalized Wellness

Creating the first integration of 3rd party consumer application data into a cohesive, actionable wellness program powered by wearable device and digital health applications


Give people a holistic view of their health and wellness information, enabling them to derive the necessary insights to take specific actions toward better health.

The Solution

A wellness platform that aggregates and analyzes information from multiple devices, wearables, and mHealth applications to create a complete picture of an individual’s personal health. With a customizable analytics dashboard, varied health categories including sleep, diet, medical adherence, mood, and activity can be displayed in the way that is most relevant to each user, allowing them to derive insights from the connections of their personal data. Through a health goal framework, employers can facilitate corporate wellness and incentive programs while members can track their own progress towards health objectives.

Our Approach


User Research

Conduct Lean, iterative cycles of testing & exploration with real users to guide design strategy

Rapid Prototyping

Engage in “design sprints” to iteratively ideate and validate new concepts, progressively building confidence in the solution direction

Agile Development

Work in cross-functional teams to design and develop fully functioning software, from minimally viable prototype to final product



Wearable and application partners seamlessly integrated



response in enrollment interest



Users at peak

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