Bridging the Home Health Gap

Reimagining a care coordination platform that empowers the entire care team – including the patient – toward improved clinical outcomes


Change the way that home health care is experienced and delivered by accelerating the HomeBridge vision and optimizing for speed to market

The Solution

HomeBridge, built on Salesforce HealthCloudTM, defines care paths and coordinates that care for patients and their care team.  Through their desktop or by dialoguing with Amazon’s Alexa, patients can interact with their doctors and health records in a meaningful way, sending their daily food intake or blood pressure readings to their physician while also receiving medication reminders.

Our Approach


User Research

Conduct user interviews to develop learning summaries, multiple Lean canvases, user personas, and initial storyboards

Vendor Strategy

Identify and evaluate shortlist of potential vendors with technical interviews, demo assessments, and build-buy-procure decision framework

Rapid Prototyping

Work in cross-functional teams to inform software scrums & leverage Agile development methodologies



Vendors/solutions evaluated across the care continuum


Weeks from implementation kickoff to pilot launch


Month rapid rollout strategy to reach 100% of new cases on the platform

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