Expediting Allergy Diagnosis in Babies

Taking the first step to making undiagnosed Infant Food Allergy a thing of the past


Change the awareness, understanding, and detection of an infant allergy that affects up to 7% of babies worldwide

The Solution

A feasibility pilot for an easy-to-use mHealth App that helps caregivers to identify, track, and report on the common signs of infant food allergy, launched in a European country where diagnosis takes an average of 3 months. The pilot involves both caregivers and Health Care Practitioners (HCPs) in order to assess if the application increases allergy awareness and reduces time to diagnosis. This study will provide Proof of Concept on many of the initial hypotheses around feasibility, acceptability, and adoption ahead of a broader commercial rollout with increased functionalities across many countries in 2017.

Our Approach


User Research

Create caregiver personas and scenarios to inform an outline of future state experiences on the application

Design Testing

Conduct multiple cycles of qualitative user research with caregivers and HCPs to validate initial findings regarding process & tool preferences

Product Launch

Bringing an mHealth application from conception to a live international pilot launch

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