Humanizing the Genome

Making the human genome accessible to a broader audience by offering clear genetic information to answer the universal question, “What makes me, me?”


Transform an application originally geared toward a scientific audience into a tool that communicates genetic health information to consumers in simple, engaging language

The Solution

Genetic test results are reimagined for the real-world implications and needs of consumers – and conveyed in their language. With 6 broad categories of genetic information, each with its own layers of complexity, the application empowers users to engage at their level of comfort and interest. Various levels of support and social connection are woven in to address the spectrum of emotions from users, from fear to pride and excitement. The application has an active community forum, guidance for discussing results with family members, as well as genetic counselors at the ready to answer questions directly.    

Our Approach


User Research

Conduct Lean, iterative cycles of testing & exploration with real users to guide design strategy

Rapid Prototyping

Engage in “design sprints” to iteratively ideate and validate new concepts, progressively building confidence in the solution direction

Engagement Strategy

Created a model for how to engage and empower consumers, utilizing insights from user research

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