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Healthcare Consumerism Pt. 1: It’s Not Just Amazon


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Closing the Gaps in Member Experience

Every health insurance payer wants to deliver the best customer experience to their members, but what exactly does that entail? In this webinar, our hosts Ryan Rossier and Megan tackle the challenge of what it takes to create, execute, and measure a seamless cross-channel member experience.

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How Smart on FHIR will Evolve EHRs

This webinar features a discussion of how Electronic Health Records (EHR) will benefit from an open-source development kit - Smart on FHIR.

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Designing Behavior Change into Digital Solutions

Digital applications built specifically to help people enact health-based behavior change have become increasingly popular in recent years, but many fall short. Rob Gifford highlights the best practices for designing an effective behavior change application.

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Journey Mapping for Better Health Outcomes

This webinar offers a quick introduction to a key tool for gap analysis: customer journey mapping. By telling the story of an individual's journey (say, from health through risk through diagnosis back through health), a journey map allows us to assess the current state of our offerings and find the gaps.

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How Pharma Can Use Digital Health to Drive Value

As Digital Health continues to grow, more and more opportunities are being unlocked for the pharmaceutical industry. Join our hosts for a discussion of the digital future of pharmaceuticals.

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Company News

Medullan and Harvard Health Publications Bring Medical Expertise to Consumers

Medullan, a digital health firm that designs and builds powerful solutions, announced a collaboration with Harvard Health Publications.

Medullan Attains ISO 27001 Certification

Medullan is proud to announce that it has attained ISO 27001 certification for its Information Security Management System.

STAT News: How smartphones can actually be good for your health

How can we improve our healthcare system when only 12 percent of Americans are considered health literate? CEO Ahmed Albaiti shares with STAT News why the answer to improving health literacy and decreasing healthcare costs is sitting in the palm of our hands.

LinkedIN Pulse: Where the Hospital of the Future isn’t a Hospital at all

In the hospital of the future, Digital Health startups will test under real-world conditions says CEO, Ahmed Albaiti.

Medullan Unveils New Brand, Website Experience and Clients to its Roster

Digital Health experts celebrate brand refresh while addressing the needs of the healthcare industry to deliver better engagement and outcomes.

Information Age: How digital health could revolutionise the mental healthcare system

Head of User Experience, Rebecca Lord, shares why your smartphone is key to improving Mental Health care.

STAT News: From the mailbag: Reader predictions for the coming year in biopharma

CEO Ahmed Albaiti comments on the upcoming year.

Health Payer Intelligence: Top Ways Payers Integrate Patient Engagement Strategies

Our VP of Platform Solutions Ryan Rossier shares one of the top ways payers can integrate improved patient engagement strategies into their systems.

Life Science Leader: The Winners & Losers Of The 21st Century Cures Act: Patients

EVP Jonathan H. Chen shares why patients are both the winners and the losers coming out of the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act.

MedCity News: ‘Cybersecurity has become a full-time job’ in healthcare

Why cybersecurity has become a full time job in healthcare according to our VP of Technology, Ilya Braude.

Health Payer Intelligence: Top 5 Ways Commercial Payers Could Boost Consumer Engagement

What are the top 5 ways payers can boost engagement? Our VP of Platform Solutions, Ryan Rossier, shares one way.

Health Payer Intelligence: How Provider Portals Streamline Medical Claims Management

Our VP of Platform Solutions Ryan Rossier explains why consumer engagement is so crucial to creating a member portal that provides both consumers and providers with the best resources possible.

Health System Management: Put Your Data to Work! Payers can use data more effectively to grow market share

Dutch Dwight explains how Payers can use data more effectively to grow market share in the October issue of Health Data Management magazine.

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Healthcare Consumerism Pt. 1: It’s Not Just Amazon
Succeeding in the healthcare consumerism shift is a strategic imperative. Investing in capabilities is the very definition of “business going forward....
Weston Headley |May 23, 2019
Digital Heaven — It’s The Ecosystem, Stupid
For this discussion, we want to focus on “Digital Heaven” – making digital technologies work in harmony in the advancement of care delivery.
Adriano Garcez |May 16, 2019
Storyboard: Consumer Engagement Hubs in Healthcare
The one constant in healthcare is the shift to consumer-centric healthcare services which is essential for maintaining brand value.
Ryan Rossier |May 08, 2019
Digital Transformation; It’s Not A Tech Thing
Healthcare is undergoing a long period of digital transformation. Yet, many leaders in healthcare today are concerned with how to navigate this new wo...
Ahmed Albaiti |May 08, 2019
4 Tips for Creating Engaging Voice-based Apps
Designing apps for effective use of voice assistants in healthcare difficult because it's difficult to design something that is simple yet effective.
Jeanine LeDoux |May 01, 2019
4 Must-See Sessions at eyeforpharma, Philadelphia
With many sessions available, it can be hard to know what’s a must-see. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 4 sessions you shouldn’t miss at eyeforpha...
Mindy Tsai |April 15, 2019
Critical Considerations for Voice-based Applications
Innovators at payer, provider, and pharma companies need to keep the certain factors in mind when it comes to voice recognition technology in healthca...
Gavin Price |April 11, 2019
Pharma and CX: What Matters, What Doesn’t
Our team attended the 6th Annual Pharma CX Summit in Summit. This conference left attendees wondering what matters in pharma CX and what doesn't?
Ilya Braude |April 11, 2019
Healthcare Leaders Must Consider Voice-based Apps
The opportunity: leveraging the rise of in-home smart speaker technologies to better engage and support segments of the population. Consumers of all a...
Todd Greenwood |March 25, 2019
Medullan Featured in CIO Review
Medullan has been recognized as a promising Digital Experience Consulting Company by CIOReview. The Dec 18-Jan 19| issue showcases the 10 most promisi...
Marketing Team |March 14, 2019
Bringing the Engagement Hub Model to Healthcare
Consumer-centric industries from retail to banking have embraced the engagement hub model and continue to make progress on providing personalized, int...
Ryan Rossier |December 06, 2018
4 Must-See AHIP Sessions
With many sessions available, it can be hard to know what’s a must-see. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 4 sessions you shouldn’t miss at AHIP.
Stacy Bain |November 29, 2018
Medullan Achieves HITRUST CSF® Certification
Medullan achieved the HITRUST CSF certification for its VARA platform.
Brendan Parnell |July 11, 2018
Transforming Healthcare: Insights From the 2018 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
At the 2018 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, our team found surprising takeaways while discussing digital health, patient-centric care, and digital th...
Benjamin Dean |January 16, 2018
CareCentrix and Medullan to Transform Home Care Management for Patients and Providers
CareCentrix and Medullan's strategic alliance will Focus on reducing dependence on acute care facilities while improving health outcomes
Sarah Amitay |September 14, 2017
Live Longer and Prosper More with Virtual Digital Assistants
From science-fiction to the kitchen counter, Amazon's digital assistant Alexa can be leveraged by Digital Health to improve doctor-patient communicati...
Cody Beckner |June 27, 2017
Lessons Healthcare Systems Can Learn from WannaCry
Healthcare IT executives - learn how to mitigate your exposure to and recover faster from ransomware attacks like WannaCry
Ilya Braude |May 24, 2017
Medullan and Harvard Health Publications Bring Medical Expertise to Consumers
Medullan, a digital health firm that designs and builds powerful solutions, announced a collaboration with Harvard Health Publications.
Cara Harrington |May 11, 2017
Should Your Next Project Use Traditional Methods or Agile?
When starting your next project, it's important to choose which methodology fits your project best, traditional or agile? Read why healthcare & agile ...
Sarah Baca |May 10, 2017
Medullan Attains ISO 27001 Certification
Medullan has attained ISO 27001 Certification for its Information Security Management System, as part of our commitment to data privacy & confidential...
Cara Harrington |April 27, 2017
Patient Advocacy s Role in Healthcare
Our VP of User Experience, Rebecca Lord, discusses the role of patient advocacy in healthcare and how Medullan collaborates with users to design digit...
Rebecca Lord |April 24, 2017
Does WhatsApp s new data encryption go far enough for medical uses?
End-to-end encryption is a first step to HIPAA compliance in messaging apps, but doesn't go far enough.
Marlon Joseph |April 11, 2017
Ripe for Disruption – Reflections on eyeforpharma Barcelona 2017
After eyeforpharma Barcelona 2017, our VP of Digital Strategy, Jeff Gombala, sees the pharmaceutical industry as ripe for disruption and patient-first...
Jeff Gombala |March 30, 2017
How smartphones can actually be good for your health
Health literacy is a major challenge for Americans, but the answer might be in the palm of their hands. Make way for digital health tools & mobile hea...
Ahmed Albaiti |March 15, 2017
HIMSS 2017 Recap: Themes, Trends, and Surprising Moments
From connected health to patient experience, here are the 6 things that our VP, Dutch Dwight, took away from HIMSS 2017.
Timothy 'Dutch' Dwight |March 03, 2017
Medullan Unveils New Brand, Website Experience and Clients to its Roster
Digital Health experts celebrate brand refresh while addressing the needs of the healthcare industry to deliver better engagement and outcomes.
Cara Harrington |March 02, 2017
Member engagement starts at home.
Member engagement is more than just what a call center does - is your organization ready for a truly personalized member experience? Our playbook can ...
Megan Berke |February 21, 2017
Predictions for 2017: Digital Health tides will trump timing.
In 2017, will digital health solutions thrive or will healthcare innovation be stifled by political timing? CEO Ahmed Albaiti lays out his predictions...
Ahmed Albaiti |February 01, 2017
9 Surprising Takeaways from 2017 s JP Morgan Healthcare Conference
At the 2017 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, our team found surprising takeaways while discussing Digital Health, patient-centric care, and digital th...
Jonathan H. Chen |January 23, 2017
Series: Transforming Clinical Trials with Digital Solutions - Part 3
Part 3 of the series: Adriano Garcez outlines the 9 steps for pharmaceutical companies looking to implement digital tools into their clinical trials &...
Adriano Garcez |December 07, 2016
Improving Health Outcomes with Personalized Incentives
For payers, it’s now more important than ever to find new ways to motivate patients toward better health. These are the best ways to encourage behavio...
Orest Pasichnyk |November 17, 2016
Series: Transforming Clinical Trials with Digital Solutions - Part 2
Digital Solutions can improve clinical trials and reduce pharmaceutical costs. So why isn't everyone on board? Here's Part 2 of 3 - Choosing the Right...
Adriano Garcez |November 03, 2016
Series: Transforming Clinical Trials with Digital Solutions - Part 1
Digital Solutions can improve clinical trials and reduce pharmaceutical costs. So why isn't everyone on board? Here's Part 1 of 3 - Common Misconcepti...
Adriano Garcez |October 19, 2016
The Shift to Value Demands Real World Data
What the transition to value-based means for pharmaceutical companies. Are they ready to prove drug efficacy with real world data? Webinar - October ...
Todd Greenwood |October 07, 2016
Don t be the Cable Company - Deliver a Cross-Channel Experience.
Payers: Don't let the gaps between your channels be where your members fall through the cracks. Create an experience that makes customer service seam...
Ryan Rossier |August 17, 2016
The advanced data analytics train is increasing speed. Why you’d be smart to jump aboard.
Learn how life science and healthcare organizations should develop analytics systems and infrastructure to manage mass quantities of data effectively....
Swapna Reddygari |June 29, 2016
5 Must-Haves for Building Great Teams
Find out what our head of Talent Acquisition thinks about putting together an all-star team.
Michael Moore |June 14, 2016
Pharmaceutical Companies Need to Jump into Digital Therapeutics. Now.
Digital therapeutics are the new frontier in treating and impacting patient health. We'll discuss how pharmaceutical companies can get started.
Jonathan H. Chen |June 09, 2016
Using Goals and Challenges to Change Health Behavior
Focusing on the psychological principles behind goal setting, here are the guiding principles behind successfully designed health and wellness applica...
Rob Gifford |May 17, 2016
Medullan Announces Office Expansion in Orlando to Accommodate Growth
Digital health firm opens office to tap into the vibrant health innovation and technology community of Orlando.
Cara Harrington |May 17, 2016
Medullan Partners with zakipoint Health to Improve Payer Health Outcomes
Boston-Based Digital Health Firms Team Up to Drive Measurable Engagement and Interventions Within Complex Payer Ecosystem
Cara Harrington |May 12, 2016
Treat-to-Target: Are digital solutions a “Silver Bullet” for patients?
Treat to Target (T2T) aims to define treatment goals and therapies for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, digital solutions may make this easier.
Rebecca Lord |May 03, 2016
Clinical Research as a Care Option - a Worthy Goal for Digital Health
Clinical Research as a Care Option, or CRCO, is a patient centered approach aimed at engaging everyone involved in the clinical research.
Ryan Rossier |May 02, 2016
6 things to know about Apple’s CareKit application before diving in
Apple's CareKit is releasing this month, here's 6 things you should know.
Jose Aponte |April 14, 2016
Is your members health data working for you or against you?
Member health and claims data is piling up, are payers able to gain actionable insights or falling short?
Wesley Boland |March 30, 2016
The Ethical Quandary that is the Consumerization of Genetic Health
As genetic information becomes increasingly accessible, we need to be thoughtful about how we are communicate genetic data to consumers in an actionab...
Rebecca Lord |March 16, 2016
Why the Digital Therapeutics market is poised for epic takeoff
The use of digital health technologies to support behavior change that positively impacts health outcomes, or Digital Therapeutics, is poised to take ...
Ryan Rossier |February 18, 2016
Cultivating Health Consumer Engagement
Why is member engagement or patient engagement so important? Having users who are “engaged” is beneficial for both the individual and the business.
Manivone Phommahaxay |February 04, 2016
Impacting Behavior Change by Leveraging Evaluations
To get the most out of your data, you need to have the right combination of expertise - data analytics, user experience, and business strategy.
Ellen Clarke |January 20, 2016
Digital Health 2016: Solid Growth, Less Moonshots
9 digital health predictions for 2016 you can count on, and the reasons behind this year’s pattern building behaviors.
Ahmed Albaiti |January 06, 2016
Journey Mapping - Getting it right.
How to get started with Journey Mapping - qualitative and quantitative research, when to start, and what to do right now.
Rebecca Lord |December 15, 2015
Journey Mapping - Three Key Insights You Have to Have
Three pivotal user insights from journey mapping will help you avoid risk & develop human-centered products that succeed - how do they think? What do ...
Rebecca Lord |December 02, 2015
Think you know your customers? You’d be surprised.
A journey map is a user experience tool that puts those of us who work in healthcare into the customer's, member's, or patient's shoes - and then keep...
Rebecca Lord |November 23, 2015
What’s the Deal with SMART on FHIR?
The combination of two separate efforts, SMART on FHIR and open platform for developers, promises to unlock the powerful utility of EHR/EMR
Julliette Ehlert |November 03, 2015
Empowering Digital Outcomes Research with ResearchKit
ResearchKit makes it easier for researchers to create iOS apps for their own research, focusing on three key things: consent, surveys, and active task...
Kalisha Narine |October 08, 2015
Medullan Appoints Rebecca Lord to Lead Growing Global User Experience Practice
Rebecca Lord Strengthens Boston-based Digital Health Consultancy's Lean Approach to Human-Centered Design
Cara Harrington |September 16, 2015
5 Ways to Improve the Private Health Insurance Exchange Experience
Health insurance is complex and intimidating - the introduction of private exchanges means more choice for consumers, but is that a good thing?
Rob Gifford |July 08, 2015
Precision Medicine: From Promise to Practice
Precision Medicine is poised to revolutionize the way healthcare is practiced today - but what is it going to take?
Andy Cosgrove |June 30, 2015
The Quest for the Holy Grail - Consumer Engagement
If you are an insurer looking to increase consumer engagement, here are 5 steps that can help.
Ryan Rossier |May 27, 2015
UXPA Conference 2015: Enabling Empowerment in Healthcare
The annual UXPA Boston User Experience Conference 2015 brought together the best and brightest minds in user experience for an exciting day.
Rebecca Lord |May 20, 2015
MIT GrandHack 2015: Hacking for good feels great
Julliette Ehlert, Senior Technology Manager at Medullan, and team took first prize at the MIT Hacking Medicine Grand Hack.
Julliette Ehlert |May 12, 2015
ResearchKit for Everyone: The power of everyday health “research”
If Apple ResearchKit is for the "Researcher"...who are we talking about? Both formal and informal researchers.
Mark Burrell |April 30, 2015
Medullan named BBJ Pacesetter for a 4th consecutive year
Boston Business Journal recently announced it’s 2015 Pacesetters, their list of the 70 fastest growing private companies in Massachusetts.
Cara Harrington |March 18, 2015
ResearchKit & HealthKit: Accelerating Real Time & Real Life Discovery in Health Care
Apple’s recent announcement about ResearchKit, along with HealthKit has sparked enormous excitement and conversations on the potential to accelerate ...
Mark Burrell |March 13, 2015

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