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Closing the Gaps in Member Experience

Every health insurance payer wants to deliver the best customer experience to their members, but what exactly does that entail? In this webinar, our hosts Ryan Rossier and Megan tackle the challenge of what it takes to create, execute, and measure a seamless cross-channel member experience.

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How Smart on FHIR will Evolve EHRs

This webinar features a discussion of how Electronic Health Records (EHR) will benefit from an open-source development kit - Smart on FHIR.

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Designing Behavior Change into Digital Solutions

Digital applications built specifically to help people enact health-based behavior change have become increasingly popular in recent years, but many fall short. Rob Gifford highlights the best practices for designing an effective behavior change application.

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Journey Mapping for Better Health Outcomes

This webinar offers a quick introduction to a key tool for gap analysis: customer journey mapping. By telling the story of an individual's journey (say, from health through risk through diagnosis back through health), a journey map allows us to assess the current state of our offerings and find the gaps.

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How Pharma Can Use Digital Health to Drive Value

As Digital Health continues to grow, more and more opportunities are being unlocked for the pharmaceutical industry. Join our hosts for a discussion of the digital future of pharmaceuticals.

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Company News

Medullan and Harvard Health Publications Bring Medical Expertise to Consumers

Medullan, a digital health firm that designs and builds powerful solutions, announced a collaboration with Harvard Health Publications.

Medullan Attains ISO 27001 Certification

Medullan is proud to announce that it has attained ISO 27001 certification for its Information Security Management System.

STAT News: How smartphones can actually be good for your health

How can we improve our healthcare system when only 12 percent of Americans are considered health literate? CEO Ahmed Albaiti shares with STAT News why the answer to improving health literacy and decreasing healthcare costs is sitting in the palm of our hands.

LinkedIN Pulse: Where the Hospital of the Future isn’t a Hospital at all

In the hospital of the future, Digital Health startups will test under real-world conditions says CEO, Ahmed Albaiti.

Medullan Unveils New Brand, Website Experience and Clients to its Roster

Digital Health experts celebrate brand refresh while addressing the needs of the healthcare industry to deliver better engagement and outcomes.

Information Age: How digital health could revolutionise the mental healthcare system

Head of User Experience, Rebecca Lord, shares why your smartphone is key to improving Mental Health care.

STAT News: From the mailbag: Reader predictions for the coming year in biopharma

CEO Ahmed Albaiti comments on the upcoming year.

Health Payer Intelligence: Top Ways Payers Integrate Patient Engagement Strategies

Our VP of Platform Solutions Ryan Rossier shares one of the top ways payers can integrate improved patient engagement strategies into their systems.

Life Science Leader: The Winners & Losers Of The 21st Century Cures Act: Patients

EVP Jonathan H. Chen shares why patients are both the winners and the losers coming out of the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act.

MedCity News: ‘Cybersecurity has become a full-time job’ in healthcare

Why cybersecurity has become a full time job in healthcare according to our VP of Technology, Ilya Braude.

Health Payer Intelligence: Top 5 Ways Commercial Payers Could Boost Consumer Engagement

What are the top 5 ways payers can boost engagement? Our VP of Platform Solutions, Ryan Rossier, shares one way.

Health Payer Intelligence: How Provider Portals Streamline Medical Claims Management

Our VP of Platform Solutions Ryan Rossier explains why consumer engagement is so crucial to creating a member portal that provides both consumers and providers with the best resources possible.

Health System Management: Put Your Data to Work! Payers can use data more effectively to grow market share

Dutch Dwight explains how Payers can use data more effectively to grow market share in the October issue of Health Data Management magazine.

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