A Consumer Engagement Digital Health Platform that Evolves with You

Drive Your Consumer Engagement Vision

VARATM is a cloud-based digital health platform that drives consumer engagement while evolving with your ecosystem. VARATM leverages your existing digital assets and trusted third-party solutions to create seamless healthcare consumer experiences, deliver contextual engagement across multiple channels, and personalize care delivery options throughout the patient journey.



Unifying Experiences | Journey Personalization | Patient Support Programs | Real World Validation | Ecosystem Engagement


Seamless, Personalized Engagement.

Integrate VARA into your solution with a simple code snippet or via APIs to enhance your healthcare consumer experience. Use rich and extensive sources of data to deliver unified and context-aware engagement across channels to maximize utilization and outcomes.


Unified Experience

Easily integrate all of your existing digital solutions to deliver a unified, seamless experience for your end users and optimize how these solutions are being utilized.


Aggregate health and digital behavior data under a unified health profile to power personalized journeys, smart recommendations, and customized engagement.

Contextual Engagement

Engage with your users across multiple channels automatically, and guide them along customizable pathways based on health and activity profile context.

Measurement & Insights

Improve your solution with comprehensive reporting and insights, and empower your organization to achieve care milestones.

Secured for Healthcare and Built to Scale

VARATM is a hosted and managed platform that is HIPAA compliant, HITRUST and ISO 27001 certified to get you from “customer agnostic to centric” and beyond fast.

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