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VARA is an embedded, white-label consumer engagement platform that creates a single platform experience across your ecosystem of digital assets and third-party solutions, manages and guides consumers through complex journeys leveraging multiple engagement channels, and delivers personalized recommendations and care options. With VARA, you can transform healthcare experiences that impact costs, outcomes - and lives.

Industry Solutions


  • Seamless member experiences across digital solutions
  • Ecosystem integration and orchestration
  • Optimal digital asset utilization
  • Cross-channel member engagement and personalisation

Life Sciences

  • Standards based patient assessments and real world evidence
  • Journey based interventions and therapy adherence
  • Optimal digital program utilization
  • Patient engagement and personalisation

Our Customers

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Recognized in the 2018 & 2019 Hype Cycle for Healthcare, Payers, and Life Sciences

Healthcare Hype Cycle Report 2019

Proven Results

Customer Highlight: Health Plan

Reimagine the customer experience across all digital channels.

Single Platform Experience, Measurement & Insights

  • Unified Experience on 10+ sites across 5+ vendors to elevate their visibility and access
  • Never-lost navigation and improved discoverability, utilization and engagement for increased client satisfaction
  • Cross-site precise visibility into member browsing behavior, goal tracking, and flow analytics

Customer Highlight: Global Nutraceutical

Development and launch of an easy-to-use mHealth App for caregivers to identify, track, and report on the common signs of an infant food allergy.

Personalized Journeys, Contextual Engagement, Measurement & Insights

  • Targeted engagement using preferred channels drove adoption and retention
  • Improved discoverability and quality/quantity of journey specific content increased value to caregivers
  • Real world allergy management data across 4 countries
  • Streamlined customer’s internal global cloud approval process

Customer Highlight: Health Services Provider

Engage users digitally with intelligent intake, personalized recommendations, and telehealth sessions.

Single Platform Experience, Personalized Journeys, Contextual Engagement, Measurement & Insights

  • Unified, seamless experience and improved discoverability across 3 vendor sites contributed to 75% increase in service utilization
  • 26% increase in conversion rate with easy and quick tech-enabled onboarding and proprietary triage to personalized paths based on risk level
  • Increased engagement through personalized self-service and self-help recommended resources
  • Decreased utilization of costly services
Features & Benefits

Single Platform Experience

Streamline your entire web self-service experience under one brand, your brand to expose parts of the journey consumers were previously blinded to.

Remove all friction from discoverability and navigation across tools and benefits, including partners to optimise how your offerings are utilized.

Personalized Journeys

Increase the likelihood that consumers achieve their healthcare goal by orchestrating actions across systems and the entire customer life cycle.

Leverage health and digital behavior data to engage members with smart recommendations of tools and services applicable to their plan, care and experience.

Contextual Engagement

Optimize member activation and surface relevant messaging by offering the right action, in the right channel at the right time.

Get more value from your tools and benefit partners by making effective use of them e.g. Wellness, DM, PBM, Rewards, HSA.

Measurements and Insights

Gain insights beyond traditional digital activity to quickly assess permutations of the member journey across your entire ecosystem of solutions.

Visualise and measure value-based member metrics to empower your organization to achieve care milestones that drive a more healthy and happy population.

Full Compliance and Global Trust

We operate globally and understand healthcare data security and protection requirements in the US and Europe, leveraging our internal Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) team.

HIPAA Transparent HITRUST Transparent ISO Transparent New GDPR Compliant New Transparent

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